Hirondelles : le choix de Dakota Johnson

Swallows: Dakota Johnson’s choice

American actress Dakota Johnson, known for her role in the hit saga "Fifty Shades of Grey", has several tattoos that reflect her personality and experiences. One of the most emblematic is undoubtedly its trio of swallows located on the right shoulder. In this article, we invite you to decipher the different meanings of these birds and their symbolism when they are worn as a tattoo.

Swallows: symbols of travel and loyalty

Swallows are migratory birds par excellence. They travel long distances each year between their nesting place and their wintering area. This particularity has made them true symbols of travel . By getting these iconic birds tattooed, Dakota Johnson pays homage to this characteristic that is close to her heart, being herself a great traveler due to her profession as an actress.

Additionally, swallows are also known for their loyalty . These monogamous birds stay with the same partner throughout their lives and always return to nest in the same place. Thus, this tattoo can also be seen as a representation of commitment and loyalty .

Swallow duo tattoo

Dakota Johnson: the story behind her tattoos

The actress has several tattoos, each with a special meaning. In addition to the trio of swallows, we find in particular the following tattoos:

  • A tattoo depicting a lightning bolt , located on the side of his right arm. It is a symbol of energy and vitality .

    Minimalist lightning bolt temporary tattoo
  • The word amor, tattooed in cursive letters on the back of his neck. This is a tribute to universal love and family, since this word can be translated as “love” in English or “amour” in French.

    Amor amour temporary tattoo

  • Small discreet stars that accompany the phrase "Look at the moon" on the ankle, which represent dreams and aspirations .

    Discreet glittering star for temporary tattoo

All of these tattoos are a testimony to the experiences and emotions lived by actress Dakota Johnson, as well as the values ​​that are dear to her. This is the reason why she wanted these tattoos which are of fundamental importance for the person who wears them.

Swallows: origin and meanings in the tattoo world

History and tradition

The use of swallows as a tattoo motif dates back centuries. Indeed, British and American sailors often had swallows tattooed on their bodies for good luck during their long sea voyages . These birds were in fact seen as real lucky charms , because their appearance in the sky generally meant that dry land was close.

Over time, swallows have also become symbols of hope and freedom . This motif has been widely adopted by people wishing to mark a turning point in their lives or express their desire to go on an adventure .

Temporary tattoo flying swallows

Different styles of swallow tattoos

Swallows can be depicted in different ways depending on individual style and preferences. We distinguish in particular:

  • The traditional style , with bright colors and thick outlines. This type of tattoo takes up the codes of old school tattooing and highlights the historical symbolism of the swallow .
  • The realistic style , which favors a more detailed approach that is faithful to the appearance of the bird . Realistic swallow tattoos can be done in black and gray or in color.
  • The graphic style , which mixes drawing and tattoo techniques to give birth to original and modern works of art . Graphic swallows can thus be integrated into complex compositions or combined with other decorative elements. They can also be represented in a stylized manner .

Dakota Johnson's swallow tattoo embodies a minimalist style with fine, delicate contours that emphasize the grace of these birds in full flight .

Temporary tattoo trio of swallows

In short, Dakota Johnson's tattoo representing three swallows symbolizes travel, loyalty, and freedom . Tattoos are open doors to learning more about people, what they care about and their values. Swallows are also a very popular design in the tattoo world, with a rich history of meaning and a multitude of styles available to depict them. It is entirely possible to have fun with a tattoo design representing one or more swallows with a temporary tattoo: to change when you want or before embarking on the creation of a real tattoo.

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