Envol céleste : le tatouage d'ange de Nabilla

Heavenly flight: Nabilla's angel tattoo

In this world where everything seems to move too fast, taking the time to refocus on oneself and to grant oneself a moment of peace is essential. For some, the ink of tattoos on their skin becomes a way of expressing their desires, beliefs and life path. This is particularly true of French reality TV star Nabilla Benattia, who, with her angel wings tattooed on the back of her neck, seems to touch the heavens. Let us guide you through the quest for freedom, protection and escape symbolized by angel tattoos.

Angel wings: a symbol of freedom and protection

Wings are often associated with absolute freedom, allowing us to break free from earthly constraints and enter a new world of possibilities. Angel wings also symbolize divine protection, offering a sense of security and comfort to those who wear or admire them.

Tatouage éphémère ailes d'ange

Flying to new horizons

For some people, wings can represent the desire to discover new experiences and go on adventures. Angel wings evoke the fact that we can always count on invisible support to help us achieve our goals and realize our dreams. They also encourage us to believe in ourselves and to work tirelessly to improve and progress.

The desire to fly

The desire to fly is often perceived as a dream of escape, an aspiration to surpass oneself and explore the unknown. Angel wings illustrate this quest for emancipation, reminding us that nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it. They are also a powerful symbol of renewal and rebirth, inviting each individual to reinvent themselves and start afresh.

Tatouage temporaire plume florale

Nabilla: her personal journey reflected in her tattoos

Nabilla Benattia, famous French reality TV star, influencer and successful entrepreneur, is particularly well known for the many tattoos that dot her body. Among them are the famous angel wings, symbols of freedom and escape, which seem to carry the young woman towards new horizons.

The road travelled

Above all, Nabilla's angel wings symbolize her personal and professional journey, marked by her decisive stint on the reality TV show Les anges, which enabled her to pursue her dreams. This tattoo of angel wings adorned with a halo testifies to her strength of character, resilience and desire to keep moving forward, no matter what obstacles she encounters.

Discreet quotes

Nabilla wears a variety of tattoos, but one in particular caught our eye. The Latin quote "Amor Vincit Omnia" means "Love conquers all". Perhaps this is a reference to the strength of her love for Thomas Vergara, her husband since 2021.
In addition, Nabille's hands bear the words "Love" and "Life" on her major and ring fingers respectively.These words can serve as a mantra, and are perfect for representing the love of her loved ones and of life.
Another quote Nabilla wears is "Everybody dies but not everybody lives", which insists on making the most of your life and living it to the full so as not to regret anything.

The hidden meaning behind each tattoo

Familyoccupies a central place in Nabilla's life, which is why she got the date "1937" tattooed on her arm. It's a tribute to her grandmother, thanks to the year of her birth.
Each tattoo Nabilla wears has its own story and message. Angel wings are a powerful symbol of divine protection. But the influencer also wears other, more enigmatic tattoos, such as this arrow on her arm pointing towards her hand.

Tatouage éphémères flèche et plume

Nabilla's other tattoos

The celebrity influencer wears her tattoos with pride, and with good reason. On her hands, dots can be seen above her fingernails, creating a harmonious backdrop.

Tattoos in common with Thomas

Nabilla shares several tattoos with her husband Thomas. Indeed, 6 months into their relationship, the couple made it official by getting a tattoo of a star.
They respectively bear the letters LV for Nabilla and OV for her husband to create the word LOVE.

Tatouage éphémère LOVE citation amour

Star tattoos

Nabilla shares a tattoo of a star on her hand with her husband. Nabilla also sports a star on her thigh.
If the star motif is recurrent on Nabilla's body, perhaps it's her way of showing that she's following her lucky star, which guides her throughout her professional and personal life.

Tatouage éphémère étoile minimaliste

Discreet tattoos

Nabilla has a thin cross tattooed on her ribs.
She also has a Roman numeral tattoo "XIII.I.XIII". This isthe date on which Nabilla met her husband Thomas Vergara, i.e. January 13, 2013.
Discreet, these tattoos are rich in symbolism and meaning.

Angel wings: a popular tattoo with multiple meanings

Many people choose to get angel wings tattooed for a variety of reasons. Whether it's to express their desire to fly to new horizons, to celebrate their love of life and thirst for adventure, or to honor a loved one who watches over them from the heavens, angel wings are a universally appreciated motif.

The symbolism of wings in different cultures

Wings have fascinated civilizations down the ages. In Greek mythology, for example, they were associated with the god Hermes, messenger of the gods and protector of travelers, while in the Christian religion, they were characteristic of the angels who protected and guided humans.

Tatouage éphémère infini

Angel wings in art

Art has also been marked by the representation of angel wings. Numerous works, from paintings to sculptures and jewelry, feature these symbols of freedom and divine protection. Artists have often sought to convey this feeling of flight and escape through their creations, offering viewers an invitation to dream and contemplate.

In conclusion: a universal motif conveying hope and escape

The angel wings tattooed on Nabilla's body reflect her personal and professional journey, as well as her aspirations and dreams. They are a powerful symbol of freedom, protection and escape that continues to inspire millions of people around the world. If you, too, wish to take flight towards new horizons, don't hesitate to draw inspiration from this beautiful motif to express your thirst for adventure and your desire to achieve your goals.
Like Nabilla, you can combine many other tattoo motifs to create a universe embodying your own history and aspirations.

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