Comment appliquer votre tatouage éphémère ?
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How to apply your temporary tattoo?

Each long-lasting temporary tattoo The Flash Tattoo is a unique opportunity to assert your style with an ultra-realistic tattoo that lasts 1 to 2 weeks.

For perfect installation and impeccable results, here is our step-by-step guide:

Clean your skin : With the wipe provided in your order, clean the area of ​​skin on which you wish to apply the tattoo. This step is essential to guarantee the good performance of the tattoo. One wipe allows the application of 2 to 3 tattoos depending on the size of the tattoos.

Let it dry : Patience, you have to let the moisture in the wipe dry. Wait a minute for the skin to be completely dry before applying your tattoo.

Remove the protective film : Take the tattoo out of its protection and carefully remove the protective film from the tattoo.

Apply the tattoo : Position the sticky part of the tattoo on the chosen area of ​​skin. Once the tattoo is placed, avoid moving it because the transfer will begin.

Moisten the tattoo : Using a damp cloth, gently pat the tattoo for about 30 seconds until the tattoo is completely transferred to your skin.

Wait and admire : The Flash Tattoo long-lasting tattoos take approximately 24 hours to reveal themselves. Initially transparent, the tattoo will darken in the hours following application until it becomes black or dark blue depending on the pH of your skin.

Temporary tattoo application

Applying a tattoo The Flash Tattoo

Revelation ephemeral tattoo
Revealing a tattoo The Flash Tattoo after 24 hours

Here are also some tips to optimize the experience and duration of your temporary tattoo:

Avoid hairy areas : The smoother the skin, the better the tattoo will adhere and last. If you wish to shave the tattoo application area, do so 24 hours before applying the tattoo.

Prefer an application in the morning : Applying the tattoo at the start of the day allows the skin to breathe and the tattoo to adhere well.

Cover your tattoo the first night : To avoid unintentional transfer to another part of the body, cover your tattoo with clothing the first night after tattooing.

Sweating : Sweating can accelerate the disappearance of the tattoo.

The area of ​​application : Depending on the area of ​​the body chosen, the tattoo will remain visible for a longer or shorter time. The areas least exposed to friction provide better hold.

Long-lasting temporary tattoo The Flash Tattoo

Exfoliation : When the tattoo begins to fade naturally, you can perform a gentle exfoliation on the area to speed up its erasure.

We draw your attention to the fact that each skin is unique and the duration of the tattoo may vary from one person to another. Enjoy the experience and don't hesitate to share your tattoos with us on our social networks.

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